Our team & contact

The CPS team has extensive experience in UV curing and its personnel are nationally and internationally recognized as leaders in the field having in depth fundamental understanding of UV curing processes as well as having developed and commercialized a wide range of new technologies and applications. Composed of 3 PhD and 6 BS level scientists, the CPS technical team is highly skilled in the development and application of UV curing materials.

Key Personnel

Neil Cramer, PhD

Co-Founder and President
Expertise in all areas of photopolymerizations & thiol-ene polymerizations
Dr. Neil Cramer is a co-founder and President of CPS. Dr. Cramer has been working in UV curing since 1998 and has developed a wide range of UV curable materials and technologies. Dr. Cramer has introduced thiol-ene based polymers into the dental industry as well as developed UV curable formulations for 3D printing and optical applications.


Christopher Bowman, PhD

James and Catherine Patten Endowed Chair
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at CU Boulder
Professor Bowman is a Distinguished Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering and Director of the Materials Science and Engineering Program at the University of Colorado. Professor Bowman has been at the University of Colorado since 1992 and is the recognized academic leader in the field of Photopolymerizations with more than 320 peer reviewed journal publications and 11 issued patents.

Mike Idacavage, PhD

Dr. Idacavage work in the area of radiation curing started at Eastman Kodak with the establishment of a photopolymer lab in 1985 and has continued in Energy Curable technology in various roles and companies since then. Mike has participated in the industry as a raw material provider (Global R&D Director for UV curing for UCB/Cytec), Formulator (CPS) and end user (NAPP Systems). Mike has served as President of RadTech North America for the 2009 to 2010 term. Currently, Mike is the Vice President of Business Development for CPS. Mike is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at SUNY-ESF in Syracuse, NY teaching courses in UV and EB curing technology and UV curable 3D Printing.

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